Hypercar Arcanum from Bulgaria: 24 electric motors and 5521 hp

Hypercar Arcanum from Bulgaria: 24 electric motors and 5521 hp

July 6, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Alieno, headquartered in Bulgaria, presented the “hypercar of the future” under the name Arcanum. In the top version, the Carbon Coupe will be equipped with an electric power unit with a capacity of 5521 horsepower and 8,880 Nm of torque. The maximum speed of such a car will be 488 kilometers per hour.

The chassis of the hypercar, monocoque, front and rear subframe are made of carbon fiber reinforced material, manufactured using the pre-preg technology. The lower part of the platform is reinforced with Kevlar. Zones of deformation and structural reinforcements are located along the entire perimeter of the monocoque. The body panels of the Arcanum are also made of carbon fiber.


The power plant of the electric hypercar can consist of 12 or 24 electric motors – from three to six per wheel. In this case, each of them is controlled by the electronics individually. The installation can be switched between three modes – Street, Track and Race, changing the power distribution between the front and rear axle. The drive in a hypercar is full, with a traction vector control system and a dynamic torque distribution between each of the wheels.

The power of the power plant depends on the version and is 2646 (4440 Nm), 3530 (5920 Nm), 4411 (7400 Nm) or 5521 horsepower (8880 Nm torque).

Electric motors are powered from graphene lithium-polymer cells and supercapacitors (the latter accumulate energy during braking and are used for short-term power increase in case of rapid acceleration). The capacity of the 800-volt battery pack is 60 (racing), 120 (track) or 180 kilowatt-hours (road version). The maximum range of the Alieno Arcanum is 1020 kilometers. Due to the high storage density of the charge, the hypercar is capable of driving in a racing mode on one charge from one to three laps of the Nurburgring.

The Arcanum battery pack consists of interchangeable modules, the parameters of which are automatically adjusted depending on the number and state of the cells. In this case, if the number of installed modules differs from the basic options, the hypercar will tell how to place them correctly in order to achieve an ideal mass distribution and a low center of gravity.

The Arcanum is equipped with a robotic suspension with double wishbones, push rods and adjustable anti-roll bars. Shock-absorbers are electronically controlled, with damping and height adjustment. Optionally, for a hypercar, pneumatic jacks are available, as with LeMan prototypes.

The brake system of a hypercar consists of three separate subsystems: hydraulic, electromagnetic and air, using the active aerodynamics of the machine. For a surcharge, a two-door can be equipped with a parachute from a dragster.

The list of equipment Arcanum includes a carbon steering wheel, racing chairs with a carbon fiber skeleton, a system for self-diagnosis of electronic systems, side mirrors with five cameras that recognize faces and the retina of the eye, as well as a set of active driver assistance systems that receives data from 17 cameras, a lidar, eight radar, GPS-receiver and IMU-sensor.

The company has already started accepting orders for the “hypercar of the future”. The price of the basic model is 750 thousand euros. The top version will cost 1.5 million euros. The construction of each machine takes from 18 to 30 months.

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