Hydrogen-powered BMW X5 prototypes ready for real-world testing

Hydrogen-powered BMW X5 prototypes ready for real-world testing

May 3, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

BMW i Hydrogen NEXT is ready for the first tests. The brand has confirmed that it is starting its experiments with hydrogen as fuel for the new BMW X5. According to plans, it will be ready by 2025.

BMW has just launched a fuel cell testing program. The German firm has unveiled the BMW X5 in a special camouflage and announced trials that were scheduled for 2022. This means that the German brand has moved ahead for several months. He has more time to analyze the data from the prototype.

BMW has teamed up with Toyota for fuel cell technology. The German Brand has already contacted this technology. Test samples based on the X5 will generate information that will reveal the true performance of the developed fuel cell, which extends below the passenger compartment.

Brand-announced system with 374 horsepower. with zero emission of harmful substances will provide energy for a distance of up to 600 kilometers.

The front and rear of the BMW X5 prototype are camouflaged with blue and white vinyl, just like the electric BMW i models. But there are very important details at the front: one of them is the bumper design with side and center air intakes. It is possible that the commercial name of the future production version is “M550 e”. Now prototypes will move on to the next stage: road tests will begin in Europe.