Hybrids and electric cars have overtaken diesel cars

Hybrids and electric cars have overtaken diesel cars

October 29, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

For the first time, registrations of vehicles with hybrid or electric powertrains exceeded the number of diesel models in Europe.

Hybrid and all-electric vehicles accounted for about a quarter of registered vehicles in Europe in September, according to data released by analytical agency JATO Dynamics. At the same time, the number of diesel vehicles was slightly less than 25%.

At the same time, gasoline cars accounted for 47% in September, while in September last year their number was 59%. This indicates the growing popularity of environmentally friendly models in Europe. It is reported that 327,800 units were registered in one month of hybrids and electric cars.

As for the cars themselves, here the first place is occupied by Toyota with its hybrids. Volkswagen with its Volkswagen ID.3 literally broke into second place. Tesla Model 3 is still the leader among all-electric models.