Hybrid Nissan Note received four-wheel drive

Hybrid Nissan Note received four-wheel drive

July 6, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Nissan Note, is a strange enough minivan for the Russian and European market, so not so long ago, he disappeared from the sale. However, in the home market, the car is in high demand and is among the top five best sellers. Therefore, the development of the model is not surprising.

In 2017, the Nissan Note model was sold out in the amount of 139,000 cars, which allowed it to enter the top-five of the bestsellers in its home market. And in Japan, the most popular is the hybrid version of e-Power. Now the company has presented a new modification of the hybrid with the all-wheel drive, which should further spur sales.

In addition to the unusual design, the car is equipped with a rather unusual hybrid scheme (consecutive hybrid). So, under the hood is installed a 1.2-liter atmospheric, which acts as a generator, and has no direct connection with the wheels. At the site of the transmission is installed an electric motor from Nissan Leaf, which transmits the torque to the front axle.

The engine’s power is about 95 horsepower, but the peak power can reach 109 levels. A new version of the SS with all-wheel drive received another engine on the rear axle. However, it has very modest dimensions and characteristics – 4.5 horsepower and 14 Nm of torque.

Despite the modest figures, in Japan such a scheme of all-wheel drive is quite in demand. The task of the rear axle is a more confident start on a slippery road, as well as help with leaving the snowy parking lot or street. And Japanese drivers do not need more.

In addition, with the presentation of the all-wheel drive hybrid was announced and a special version of Nissan Note Autech. This version offers a special finish of the car, which includes a new sports body kit, as well as more expensive interior decoration materials. This modification is available for many Nissan models in Japan.

Also, the hybrid version is available with the optional Sports Spec package. Which includes additional body kit, as well as a set of body amplifiers, struts and stabilizers, which allows you to get more pleasure from driving (according to the developers).

The cost of the all-wheel drive Nissan Note e-Power starts at $ 20,000. Unfortunately for the territory of Japan the car will not come out, at least in the near future.

Also in the near future, supposedly in the fall of 2018, a serial version of the Nissan Kicks, built on the basis of the Renault Duster platform, will be on the market. The car will receive a half-liter atmospheric and a turbodiesel.