Hybrid BMW 7 Series turned into an art object

Hybrid BMW 7 Series turned into an art object

January 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The unusual color of the car, according to the idea, reflects “dynamics even in a stationary state”

The photographer from Brazilian São Paulo, Gabriel Wickbold, who last year created the visual design of the BMW concept store in Paris, turned the 745Le hybrid sedan into an art car.

The artist himself said that he was inspired by technology during the creation of the art car. His work expresses the dynamics and swiftness of the hybrid sedan, which are noticeable even when the car is stationary. Something this work remotely resembles one of the most famous art cars BMW from the artist Jeff Koons.


The hybrid sedan, which formed the basis of the new art car, is equipped with a 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine, a 113-horsepower electric motor and a 12-kilowatt-hour battery pack integrated into an eight-band automatic. The maximum power of the power plant is 394 horsepower.

To accelerate from standstill to “hundreds” of BMW 745Le spends 5.1 seconds. The maximum speed is limited at around 250 kilometers per hour. Cruising range on electric traction – up to 58 kilometers.

This is not the first art car in the history of BMW – the representatives of the Bavarian brand respect the creativity in their cars and even created a virtual museum where they collected all the racing cars painted by famous artists.

The first art car appeared in 1975, it was created by Alexander Calder on a three-liter BMW CSL. The last official work was presented in 2017, its author was the Chinese multimedia artist Cao Fei.

She took the racing M6 GT3 as a basis and painted it in a jet black color, and in order to fully see all the design elements, it was necessary to use a special application for the iPhone.