Hybrid BMW 3 series, X3 and X4 will appear this year

Hybrid BMW 3 series, X3 and X4 will appear this year

March 31, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

BMW has confirmed that its soft 48-volt hybrid technology will be available on mid-range models from the summer.

BMW announced in a quarterly report that it will launch soft-hybrid versions of the 3 Series sedans and X3 and X4 SUVs this summer. A 48-volt soft hybrid system has been proposed as standard for the entry-level diesel 5 Series since last fall. It combines a 2.0-liter four-cylinder BMW diesel engine with 187 hp. turbocharged, compact battery and built-in starter-generator that delivers up to 11 hp under acceleration.

A soft hybrid system shuts off the internal combustion engine to save fuel when driving at speeds below 160 km / h, as well as when braking at a speed of 15 km / h or lower, using kinetic braking energy to charge the battery.

Next year, a soft hybrid diesel powerplant will steadily replace the regular BMW 2.0-liter diesel engine in its proprietary 20d models. The update will allow the German brand to comply with increasingly stringent emission standards, along with the upcoming iX3 all-electric SUV and X5 hydrogen-electric SUV, which AutoTimesNews reported earlier.

In other 3 Series models, such as the 318i, BMW abandoned its three-cylinder gasoline engine in favor of a more powerful 2.06-liter four-cylinder unit with 156 hp. While the 1 Series hatchback, which has been offered with a 187-hp 2.0-liter diesel engine since January, won’t get a soft hybrid system until the end of this year.