Hummer EV3X will receive a 1000-horsepower electric motor

Hummer EV3X will receive a 1000-horsepower electric motor

February 16, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The news that the world will receive a new Hummer was received very positively, and the fact that Edition 1 sold out in one hour shows how excited the US is with the arrival of a new all-electric SUV.

Tesla’s newest competitor to the Cybertruck and Rivian RT1, the Hummer EV, promises great performance and is targeted at the more expensive truck buyer, as its prices clearly show. There will be four variants available on the 2023 pickup lineup, starting with EV2, then EV2X, EV3X and finally Edition 1. EV3X will be the next trim to go on sale after Edition 1 and, according to Hummer Nation, at an interesting turn of events it will be sold with the same powertrain as the Edition 1.

From the factory, the EV3X is powered by three 800 horsepower electric motors, an incredible 12,873 Nm of torque and a range of around 480 km. These figures exceed 625 hp. and 10,027 Nm offered in EV2 and EV2X. Above all this is the Edition 1, which offers 1000 hp. and 15 583 Nm of torque with an estimated power reserve of 565 km. Edition 1 will be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in about three seconds.

For the extra performance in Edition 1, the price is up $ 12,600 over the EV3X to a total of $ 112,595, with the EV3X starting at just under $ 100K – $ 99,995.

The news that the EV3X will be available with a 1,000 hp powertrain will delight those who dream of power but are not interested in all the extra features of Edition 1. The Hummer EV3X will arrive in the fall of 2022, while the EV2X and EV2 is expected to show its “face” only in the spring of 2023.