Humble Motors to launch first solar-powered electric crossover

Humble Motors to launch first solar-powered electric crossover

March 30, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

An American startup has built solar panels into the roof of its electric car. The project promises to be really cool: ex-Ford employees and Ferrari partners are involved in it.

Humble Motors is run by former Harvard graduate and US Navy veteran Dima Stacy. He managed to try himself in different industries, while the automotive industry became a completely new experience for him. He has built an excellent team of professionals, many of whom have worked with leading car manufacturers.

The startup is about to launch a battery-powered SUV called the Humble One. Moreover, in terms of power, it will be close to the recently debuted electric “Hummer” – 1034 hp. Without recharging, such a “green” cross will cover about 800 kilometers. At the same time, the novelty boasts an excellent aerodynamic drag coefficient of 0.25.

For comparison, the Tesla Model X has it at 0.24, while the Mercedes-Benz EQS has 0.20.

As for the main highlight of the electrocross – solar panels, their area will exceed seven square meters. With their help, the range of the electric car will be able to increase from 16 to 97 kilometers – everything will depend on how clear and sunny the forecast of weather forecasters will be. There is also a place for such panels on the side windows, and the electric car will also receive folding “solar wings”.

Earlier, AutoTimesNews said that the first revived Hummer EV was sold at auction for $ 2.5 million. An unnamed customer will receive her purchase only at the end of the year.