Hulkenberg: The problem cost us a place in the top ten

Hulkenberg: The problem cost us a place in the top ten

March 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The first qualification of the season was unsuccessful for the Renault team: none of the riders managed to reach the final session …

Niko Hulkenberg (11th): “Today we could easily get into the final qualification. It’s a shame that a small problem cost me a place in the top ten. In the second session, I lost time because of the traffic and wheel locking, but in general, with our pace, we were able to fight for a high result.

The machine is quite competitive, but the struggle is tight, and only a fraction of a second determines the difference in several positions. Nevertheless, there are chances for a race – from the eleventh place you can perform successfully. On Friday, the car was fast on a long series of laps, I was comfortable in the cockpit from the very beginning of the weekend – in general, there is every opportunity to earn points on Sunday. “

Daniel Riccardo (12th): “I am very upset that I did not manage to reach the final qualification – there were not enough five hundredths. In the final attempt, I lost time on the first sector, but could easily recoup through my own efforts. We had all the chances to fight in the finals, and when you can not cleanly pass the circle, you feel very annoyed.

As expected, the battle in the middle of the peloton is very tight, but I look forward to a successful performance in the race. You always want to perform well in the home Grand Prix, but you need to remain calm, confidently start and attack at the right time. “

Alan Permain, sports director: “We expected to bring both cars to the final, so the result was disappointing. In the last minutes of the second session, Niko had problems with the electrician, because of which he was unable to complete the decisive attempt. Without these difficulties, Hulkenberg would probably reach the final.

Daniel in the second attempt failed to improve the result – if he were a couple of tenths faster, it would provide him a place in the top ten. In the race we have to seriously try, but on Friday in the long run we demonstrated a good pace, with which we expect to win back the position and earn a lot of points with both cars. ”