Huge tank engine launched for the first time in 28 years

Huge tank engine launched for the first time in 28 years

August 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Bloggers found an Iraqi tank that has not been used since the 1991 Gulf War, completely restored its engine and launched for the first time in 28 years.

The huge 38.8-liter V12 diesel engine was in rather poor shape when it came to bloggers. From a long downtime, it was all covered with rust, and some elements completely rotted, but this did not stop the authors of the video.

They pulled out the engine, washed it, removed the rust, and the elements that did not survive to this day were cut off and replaced with new ones. The Type 69-II Iraqi tank is an exact copy of one of the most massive tanks, the Russian T-54, so it was not difficult to find the necessary spare parts.

The authors of the project managed to restore the engine to working condition. A video with the first launch in 28 years was published on mastermilo82. At first, bloggers tested the engine’s performance in the garage, but after a few seconds it was filled with smoke, so further tests moved to the street.