HUAWEI has announced an electric car. But not yours

HUAWEI has announced an electric car. But not yours

April 7, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

HUAWEI has released an official teaser with the release date of the ARCFOX Polar Fox Alpha S electric car. The new premium class is not positioned as the brainchild of the Chinese brand – nevertheless, HUAWEI was directly involved in the development of the original vehicle.

The novelty was created by BAIC together with HUAWEI, which in December last year presented new medium and long-range laser rangefinders developed for automatic guidance systems. These devices allow you to identify any obstacle, including vehicles moving at high speeds at different distances, as well as overcome difficult road sections without driver intervention.

HUAWEI Smart Car Solution President Wang Jun announced that the company plans to reduce the cost of laser rangefinders to $ 200 or even $ 100 in the future. The Arcfox Polar Fox Alpha S electric car uses a system with three laser rangefinders at once, as well as 12 cameras, 13 ultrasonic and 6 mm radars.

According to the brand, such equipment, together with the HUAWEI processor, will increase the autonomy of the car to the L3 level. The Arcfox Polar Fox Alpha S will be unveiled on April 17 in Shanghai. The cost of the electric car has not yet been announced.