How to earn extra money in your car during quarantine

How to earn extra money in your car during quarantine

May 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The coronavirus pandemic and its subsequent quarantine have made adjustments to the plans of many people around the world. However, having lost one, people do not lose heart and often come up with something else.

That is exactly what a British citizen named Ian Hall did. Jan owns the versatile Mercedes E-Class, and before the current situation in the world, he often drove his car for work and personal purposes. Nevertheless, and with the advent of quarantine, he found his auto use.

Hall turned Mercedes into a greenhouse for growing vegetables (initially the latter grew at home, but there turned out to be an unsuitable environment). He took out the rear seats and covered the interior with polyethylene, so that moisture would not get inside the car and cause damage. Now three types of tomatoes and a little bok-choy (Chinese kale) grow in his car.

It turned out that the car is ideally suited as a greenhouse – due to panoramic glazing, plants always receive heat and sunlight, even when it is cold outside.

In theory, grown vegetables could be sold (this is especially true in cases where the source of income disappeared against the background of quarantine), but Jan planted tomatoes and cabbage for himself – later he plans to cook pizza with them.