How much will cost Formula 1 teams in 2019?

How much will cost Formula 1 teams in 2019?

January 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) has calculated the amount of entrance fees for the next season based on the results of the past.

With each new season, the amount of contributions increases according to the United States Consumer Price Index. So in the 2019 season, each of the teams will have to pay $ 546,133 and an additional amount, calculated from the results of last year’s championship.

 In the season of 2018, the Constructors’ Championship won by Mercedes, which it will have to pay out for every point earned 6,553 dollars. The rest of the teams will pay $ 5,459. For example, after winning in 2016, Mercedes had to pay 5.25 million dollars to take part in the next season.

 When competing with Ferrari, the British team for the last two seasons earned less points, respectively, the amount of the contribution decreased. But be that as it may, the team paid 4.8 million dollars for participation in the new Formula 1 season. Several other teams, for comparison, will contribute a little less than a million.

In the meantime, a button will appear in the DTM Championship cars, allowing riders to accelerate when overtaking.