How much is the repair and maintenance of hypercar McLaren

How much is the repair and maintenance of hypercar McLaren

March 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

McLaren F1 is the iconic model of the 90s, which for 10 years was the fastest car in the world. Even now, its maximum speed of 386 km / h commands respect.

Of course, hypercar McLaren has never been cheap. Initially, it cost a million dollars, and now some of the copies are sold for $ 10-15 million. This is a rarity, because only 64 cars have been released.

Service of such an expensive car is not cheap and specific. About him told one of the owners of McLaren F1 Bruce Weiner. He bought a new car is not new and on himself felt all the delights of its operation.

When buying a used McLaren F1 factory carries out his free diagnosis. And this is done remotely – with the help of the Compaq antediluvian laptop (it comes with the machine) and the modem built into the car. Modern computers do not support McLaren software.

Even if the hypercar is rarely used, all the same every three years you need to change the clutch, and every five years – the gas tank ($ 110 thousand). A special ultralight fire extinguisher costs 800 dollars!

Before Bruce, the previous owner for some reason decided to repaint the McLaren coupe. He sent the car to the factory, where the whole procedure took six months and pulled on 50 thousand pounds sterling ($ 66 thousand)!

Replacing tires costs 50 thousand dollars, because the McLaren F1 is then rolled out onto a racing track and retrofit its suspension. The rubber kit itself costs $ 7,000. And it was Bruce who did not have to touch the McLaren engine – he sold the car to the planned maintenance.