How much is a “charged” hatchback Hyundai Veloster N 2020?

How much is a “charged” hatchback Hyundai Veloster N 2020?

November 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Hyundai’s North American office has announced that there are special offers for the high-performance Veloster N 2020 model year hatchback.

The South Korean hatchback Hyundai Veloster in the “charged” N-version can be called a truly worthy choice if you need a truly powerful and at the same time inexpensive car. According to the official price list for the model, the initial price for a novelty in the 2020 model year is $ 27,400. Prices are fair for the US car market.

 It turns out that buying a completely new instance of the high-performance hatchback Hyundai Veloster N can be even more profitable – the South Korean brand offers discounts, as well as a rather profitable loan program. The network turned out to be “scans” of the model newsletter, which is intended for car dealers. According to this document, when purchasing a Hyundai Veloster N 2020 model year, a discount of $ 500 is provided.

  Hyundai’s other incentive is a 2.9% financing rate for up to five years plus an initial $ 500 discount. It should be noted that special offers apply to the upgraded Veloster N with a capacity of 275 horsepower.

 All those who drove the new Veloster N unanimously say that this car has exceptionally good performance for its price segment.

  Often, automakers announce various discounts and special offers for those of their models that sell poorly, but the Veloster hatchback is clearly an exception. According to the results of October 2019, 11,220 units of cars were sold, while last year only 8,857 units were sold.