How is the new generation VW Golf coping with the moose test?

How is the new generation VW Golf coping with the moose test?

July 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Experts from the team of the site tested the new generation of the German VW Golf hatchback in the so-called “elk test”. The car showed rather mediocre results.

In case you haven’t heard of an automotive safety test like the “moose test”, this is a test in which the vehicle under test is tested for its behavior in the face of a sudden obstacle. The name comes from a situation on the road when an elk unexpectedly runs out in front of a fast moving car.

The Elk Test “has been an important indicator of machine safety for many years.

German compact hatchback VW Golf of the new (eighth in a row) generation was tested by the guys from the team – the results of the race are captured in the video. Unfortunately, the popular VW car failed the 77 km / h test, knocking over a few cones while trying to avoid a “collision”, and was unable to get back into the lane to make a second turn. Best of all, the Golf 8 performed at 43 km / h.

In comparison, the Golf 8 fared far worse than its predecessor. In 2017, experts from conducted a “moose test” with the previous generation Golf. Best of all, the car showed itself at a speed of 76 km / h, while at a speed of 77 km / h, the car still blew one cone.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that images of a new generation of high-performance VW Golf R. have been published. Western publications have published their vision of how a new generation of high-performance hatchback VW Golf R may look like. The debut of the novelty should take place in the coming months.