How does the BMW M5 behave in a “moose test” with worn tires?

How does the BMW M5 behave in a “moose test” with worn tires?

July 26, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

I must say that car tires are very important elements on which it depends, how the car will cope with those or other road situations. Well, this video, which shows a high-performance sedan BMW M5 next generation, which is the so-called “elk test” and also with worn-out tires is an excellent example of this statement.

For reference – “elk test” is designed to learn the behavior of the car in the situation on the road, when an animal suddenly pops into the car, for example, an elk.

The video with the test of the Bavarian BMW M5 was published a couple of hours ago on one of the YouTube hosting channels. The peculiarity of this test was that the car was “shod” in badly worn tires.

So, here are the results of this test. The car BMW passed the “elk test” at 3 different speeds – 74, 76 and 78 km / h. I must say that the difference between these speeds is simply amazing. At a speed of 74 km / h, the M5 business class sedan touched only one cone, but at a speed of 76 km / h the results somehow deteriorated quickly, although it seemed that the car’s speed had increased by only 2 km / h !! When the M5 makes the first maneuver in the form of the letter “S”, the driver can not straighten the car and it “throws” the other way – it rams the cone.

The highest speed of 78 km / h and heavily worn tires showed that even a high-performance Bavarian BMW M5 sedan with all-wheel drive can not pass the “elk test”. After the car makes the first evasive maneuver, the machine also loses control and cuts into the cone barrier.

Finally, we note that under the hood of the new BMW M5 there is a powerful 4.4-liter V8 engine with a turbo-supercharging capacity of 600 horsepower. In only 3.2 seconds the car will be able to overcome the mark of 100 km / h, and its maximum speed will be 305 km / h.