How does MotoGP economy differ from Formula 1?

March 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Carmelo Espeleta, executive director of the Spanish company Dorna, which owns the commercial rights to MotoGP, explained the fundamental difference between the economic model that underlies the world motorcycle racing championship and the approaches practiced in Formula 1.

If F1 is still only going to move to a more equitable system of income distribution, which the championship receives, and many teams are very concerned about this issue, including the head of McLaren Zach Brown, this is not a long time in MotoGP.

“Our system is different in that we allocate more money to private teams than to factory ones,” said Espeleta in an interview with the French edition of Auto Hebdo. – It is assumed that the factory teams and so earn, if they supply their motorcycles to private owners. We found solutions that allow private teams to participate equally in the championship. ”

An experienced Spanish manager also criticized the characteristic for Formula 1 focus on modern technology, in particular, he considers it a mistake to switch to hybrid power plants, which turned out to be very difficult and unnecessarily expensive.

“We proceed from the fact that the main factor in our sport is the human factor,” said Espeleta. – MotoGP is the best motor racing show in the world, because the best racers of the planet perform in the championship. Our goal is to enable them to fully express their talents. This is one of the reasons explaining the high popularity of MotoGP. ”