How do you like watches that are made of cars in the parking lot?

How do you like watches that are made of cars in the parking lot?

January 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

One attraction has appeared at the Ben-Gurion Israeli airport – it’s an accurate digital watch made entirely of cars — and these cars are not toys, but real, full-sized, real vehicles with an engine under the hood.

 Currently, officially available information about the project is not as much as we would like. It turns out that this watch has been working since last spring. We publish two videos that give a better idea of ​​the general idea of ​​this ambitious project, and we will try to briefly explain how everything works there.

 Firstly, this is a large-scale model of watches made of cars – when the time changes, the cars change their position. The actual full-sized watch is located in a huge sports hall and coordinated by operators with flags.

 Several cameras take a bird’s-eye view of the scene, and then the footage is broadcast through a giant screen at Ben Gurion Airport.

 Another video (below) gives a peek behind the scenes of what is happening, but, unfortunately, you will have to include subtitles with translation in order to understand what the engineers are talking about. We can see several white cars that are used in this “clockwork” including the Skoda Octavia, Ford Focus, Opel Astra. Some sources even say that this is such a special promotion sponsored by the Czech company Skoda, but at present we cannot confirm or refute this statement.