How do you like this VW Golf 2020 from ABT tuning studio?

How do you like this VW Golf 2020 from ABT tuning studio?

March 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The famous tuning studio ABT introduced its version of the hatchback VW Golf 2020 model year. The car received 20-inch wheels.

ABT is one of the first tuners to receive a copy of the German Golf hatchback of a new (eighth) generation. With the beginning of the supply of new items, various companies will present similar projects. But still, the ABT studio is one of the first tuners to attempt to change the Mk8, starting with a slight modernization of the appearance of the car. They got at the disposal of Golf in the performance of the First Edition, which received all possible options.

 The tuner from Kempten (Germany) turned from standard rims in favor of its own set of 20-inch rims with a two-color design with two spokes, which is very suitable for the Golf 8.

The tires selected are the R5 Continental 235/20. The car received new springs and an underestimated suspension of 30 mm in order to not only improve the appearance of the car, but also slightly improve its handling. ABT mentions that the new equipment is compatible with hatchback instances that are equipped with optional dynamic chassis control (DCC technology).

 The tuner also offers smaller 18- and 19-inch alloy sets for the latest and greatest Golf and promises to upgrade its petrol and diesel engines by the summer. ABT has been working on the best-selling VW ever since the Mk1 generation, and after-sales service technicians have even teamed up with the automaker to produce the special 360-horsepower Golf R, released in Switzerland back in 2016.