How do you like this version of the Land Rover Defender SUV?

How do you like this version of the Land Rover Defender SUV?

June 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Independent artists decided to imagine how the British Land Rover Defender SUV with design elements from Honda might look like.

A completely new generation of British SUV Land Rover Defender is finally on sale. The off-road legend abandoned the square body shape in favor of more modern design elements. The novelty promises to become a full-fledged receiver of the very Land Rover Defender, which enjoyed wild popularity at the end of the last century. Yes, the appearance of the car causes a lot of controversy about whether the new look of the car is or not. Well, today’s rendering offers us a look at the Defender 2021 model year from a different angle.

A team of independent designers decided to imagine what a British SUV with design elements from modern Honda models might look like.

The results are surprisingly good – the updated front end of the Land Rover Defender began to look pretty good, Honda’s exterior elements blend perfectly with the rest of the SUV’s design.

Today, thanks to fuel economy and demanding pedestrian safety standards, car manufacturers are trying to move away from square shapes for their SUVs – instead, the bodies become more rounded. In particular, precisely because of this, Land Rover Defender loses its brutal appearance.

Despite the rounded shape of the new Defender, the SUV has the same off-road capabilities as its legendary predecessor.