How do you like this travel trailer? He can ride himself …

How do you like this travel trailer? He can ride himself …

January 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Specialists at OzX Corp introduced the concept of a travel trailer. Among the main features of the new items, the possibility of independent movement.

  Consider this small travel trailer from Australian company OzX Corp., whose appearance looks very brutal, thanks to black paint and aggressive all-terrain tires. The latter are intended not only to give the trailer the ability to move over rough terrain. They can actually move this trailer. What is it that turns out, the need for a vehicle can simply disappear?

We are not saying that this little trailer is itself a vehicle, although this is to some extent. Specialists from OzX Corp are developing this van with all kinds of technologies, which include a hybrid drive system that includes wheel driven hubs.

 Power can be supplied to the wheels at 11 horsepower in normal mode and 22 for short periods. Why is this needed? For example, a trailer can “independently” park when it is disconnected from the vehicle towing it, which can greatly help when parking in a limited space.

Another use of this system is to help the vehicle that will tow this trailer. For example, you have a low-power machine that must pull this trailer. The latter will now be able to help the car, because it has its own power plant. This will be especially useful when climbing steep slopes. The trailer is also equipped with regenerative braking technology, due to which the on-board battery will be charged.

 The trailer’s own propulsion system is not the only curious feature of this concept trailer. All on-board systems of the novelty will be fully digital. This makes it easier to control, monitor and diagnose, which can make life much easier when you are a few miles from the closest hint of civilization.

 Unfortunately, you still cannot buy this nameless trailer. OzX Corp is still in the development phase of this concept, and there is no word on when it will go on sale.