How do you like this Tesla Cybertruck pickup design?

How do you like this Tesla Cybertruck pickup design?

November 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Designers from the Abimelec Design team unveiled their version of the Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup. They decided to install a powerful V8 gasoline engine in the car.

The American all-electric Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck demonstrates the creativity of the brand’s designers and this is perhaps one of the best things in Tesla’s history. Almost everyone in this world is discussing this car and its extravagant appearance, and even the Dubai police decided to take part in the disputes – their press service published an image of the Cybertruck pickup truck created in a graphic editor, which received a signature livery of the local police. Other guys even introduced the Tesla truck as a van, a two-door pickup truck, and a panel van.

As expected, the team of independent designers Abimelec Design has its own view on the unsuccessful (from the position of its exterior) truck. What is the idea of ​​their vision of an electric car from an American brand? The Tesla pickup truck receives a transparent cargo platform cover, which houses the powerful V8 Hellcat gasoline engine, with two tailpipes.

We believe that this is pointless, and no matter how cool the Hellcat family engines are, Tesla’s concept of no-emissions pickup is far from the premise of using the Hellcat engine. But, hey, a good attempt, and we really do not think that Abimelek took the ill-fated idea seriously.

 Abimelec’s design changed the look of Cybertruck in conjunction with the Hellcat add-on. The car received reflective panels and rims, with a design popular in the 80s of the last century. Designers “gave” the pickup wider wings and slightly changed the front of the car – more angular panels appeared. Well, I’m completing a two-tone body style change.