How do you like this Jeep Gladiator 6×6 pickup with a Corvette engine?

How do you like this Jeep Gladiator 6×6 pickup with a Corvette engine?

August 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The tuning company has unveiled a crazy version of the Jeep Gladiator midsize pickup truck. The car got an extra axle, a longer frame, and a wild look.

Rest assured, this version of So Flo Jeeps’s mid-size Jeep Gladiator 6×6 pickup is sure to catch the eye of everyone it drives by. Aside from its wild looks, the car boasts a growling sound from the powerful 6.2-liter LS3 V8 engine.

As the basis for their project, the company took a regular version of the Jeep Gladiator truck and cut it apart to lengthen the frame.

In addition to the increased space in the car, the elongated frame made it possible to install an additional axle. The modified transmission includes a nine-inch differential. This upgrade allows the truck to have all six drive wheels.

The vehicle’s ground clearance has also been increased, thanks to a 12.7cm suspension lift that provides up to 35.56cm of suspension travel for each axle. The Falcon steering stabilizer makes steering this six-wheeled monster a little easier.

In addition to increasing the wheelbase and adding an additional axle, the tuners have developed a special body kit for the car. It is worth noting the unconventional solution of the company’s specialists – a false radiator grille and a bumper were combined into one piece. The hood, which is made of fiberglass, has a convex shape. To protect the loading platform, there is a special protective cover made of epoxy resin with Kevlar fiber.

The salon is upholstered by hand in leather. As these images show, the doors and roof can still be removed to enjoy outdoor travel. Powerful side steps make it easier to climb into a large truck.

The 6X6 Gladiator from So Flo Jeeps costs at least $ 140,000. In addition, there is a version of the truck with a diesel engine – starting price tag of $ 150,000

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that Jeep announced a suspension lift kit for the Wrangler SUV and Gladiator pickup truck. The American automaker said that a suspension lift could soon be ordered for the Wrangler SUV and the Gladiator pickup.