How do you like this Chevrolet S-10 motorhome?

How do you like this Chevrolet S-10 motorhome?

June 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Not quite an ordinary motorhome, which was built by tuning company New World Editions, Inc. back in the last century, it now sells for $ 4,800. The machine is in “good technical condition.”

If you are a regular reader of our publication, then you probably know that we love to write about truly interesting designs for motorhomes, as well as tourist trailers. Particularly interesting are similar vehicles that were built on the basis of ordinary cars.

One such car is the first generation Chevrolet S-10. This car is not big and it does not have a powerful engine under the hood. This instance of the model, which has a small kung, which is made of fiberglass, is currently sold at a price of $ 4,800.

We found an ad for the sale of this unusual travel car on the Facebook Marketplace. This is the 1984 S-10, whose body got shades of gold with brown stripes.

Under the hood is a 2.8-liter V6 rated at 115 horsepower (203 Nm). The actual mileage of the car is not mentioned, but judging by the published photos, the odometer is mileage of 159,318 km.

Little is known about all the work that was done with the truck to make it a motor home. Allegedly, this is one of five tourist S-10s built by tuning company New World Editions, Inc. The wheelbase of the S-10 was stretched to accommodate a huge kung, which is made of fiberglass, and mounted on a loading platform. The pickup even got a set of double rear wheels.

The announcement said that this car is in good general condition, but there are some problems. “There are problems with the brake line,” and the transmission reportedly has a metallic clang as the speed decreases. There is also some rust on the wings and other parts of the body, and yes, the tires need to be replaced. However, the air conditioning was recently renovated, so the driver and passengers will be pleasant and cool.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that Scout Campers introduced a new pickup motorhome. More recently, this Canadian company presented a minimalistic model called the Olympic. Now the company is ready to offer travel lovers a more advanced option.