How do you like this BMW M1, which is created from Lego parts?

How do you like this BMW M1, which is created from Lego parts?

February 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

On the official website of the Lego company, in the Ideas section, a page about this “copyrighted” BMW M1 project has appeared. At the moment, the designer has collected more than 4000 “votes”.

Remember when a Bavarian BMW and Italian car manufacturer Lamborghini almost made a production sports car? We are talking about the BMW M1, which eventually became the “purebred” model of BMW, since Lambo at the last moment decided to withdraw from the agreement with the German brand.

 The BMW M1 is a historic model for the German automaker and the only mass-produced BMW mid-engined car.

 At present, it is very difficult to become the owner of a truly “living” M1, except in those rare cases when you have a lot of money that you can spend on restored and well-kept copies. However, you have the opportunity to possess this truly legendary model. There is one essential truth, but it’s just a toy constructor.

 This miniature copy of the sports M1 was presented in the framework of the Lego Ideas project – author’s sets of designers created by enthusiasts who are “fired up” with the idea to create their own masterpiece from Lego parts. And I must say that this copy of the BMW M1 turned out to be very popular. The Lego company itself drew attention to this toy car and promoted this project as best it could on its official website.

 There are two versions of the BMW M1 Lego Ideas: the classic version in orange and the version of the race car with BMW M branded livery. In both cases, the cars are made of about 1000 parts and have features such as opening doors and hoods, as well as fully functional steering . You can even remove the entire top of the car by separating the chassis with the seats and engine from the body.

 To date, the BMW M1 project for the unique “author’s” Lego Ideas series has gathered more than 5,000 supporters around the world, which is halfway to the mark of 10,000 votes, which is enough for Lego to further sell such a set.

Not so long ago, we wrote that a working six-cylinder engine was assembled from Lego parts. If you had a Jeep SUV manufactured in the 80s or 90s of the last century, this engine, which is created from the parts of the popular Lego designer, may seem familiar to you.