How do you like this 6-wheel pickup Renault Clio?

How do you like this 6-wheel pickup Renault Clio?

April 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

This quaint, six-wheel Renault Clio was spotted at a car show by a British blogger. I must say that the machine is very well preserved, but obviously ten or more years outdated morally.

Starting its life as a tiny three-door hatchback produced by Renault, it was eventually converted into a pickup truck, into the construction of which an additional axle was added. The “6×2” badge on the back door lets us know that this strange car creation is still driven by only two front wheels.

Auxiliary lighting probably means an attempt by the creators of this car to add some much needed courage to this kid. The car even got a winch – we venture to assume that it was never used.

Clio still retains its economical car engine and automatic transmission, which now has to “struggle” with the extra weight that comes from another pair of wheels and their associated rolling resistance. It must be that this car does not do well with the new load.

This Clio pickup still uses steel wheels with chrome caps. All this suggests that the work seems to be done well, and the car has withstood all these years. The two-tone creamy white body paint still holds well, and we don’t see any problems with the body.

Whoever built this lovely “monster” many years ago, he did everything right, and we must give him his due.