How do you like the design of the premium crossover Aston Martin DBX?

How do you like the design of the premium crossover Aston Martin DBX?

February 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

An independent designer decided to remake the rear of the British crossover Aston Martin DBX. In his opinion, the original does not look very stylish. When creating his version of the design, the artist borrowed the exterior elements of the DBS model. I must say that the crossover began to look more interesting.

The British crossover Aston Martin DBX looks good. We find his “muscular” body a fairly “fresh” solution in the current segment of expensive sports crossovers of premium class and / or high-performance cars. But there is one small problem with this exterior – its rear end turned out to be rather inexpressive.

 Again, we are not trying to say that the rear of the first production Aston Martin crossover is bad in terms of design, we just think that she needs some corrections that will add more aggression to her. This is exactly what the independent artist Alastair Meredith took up – his render from above.

 So what is his solution? He simply added some elements from the DBS coupe to the back of the high-performance British crossover.

The latter can rightfully be considered one of the most beautiful modern cars Aston Martin. The wide LED strip of the sports car fits perfectly into the crossover design and opens up space for a large rear window, which obviously solves the visibility problem from the passenger compartment.

 “I’m not the only one who did not like the design of the rear of the DBX crossover. To correct this miscalculation on the part of the designers of the British brand, I took the back of the DBS model as a basis and redesigned a new design for DBX on its basis ”, this is the description that accompanies the published render.

 We admire his attempt, but, unfortunately, what has been done, done – the current DBX crossover has its own rear design, and it will only change in the restyled version of the model.