How do you like the 1033-horsepower Toyota Supra designed for drift?

How do you like the 1033-horsepower Toyota Supra designed for drift?

April 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The foreign team Papadakis Racing introduced a highly modified Japanese coupe Toyota Supra with a capacity of 1033 horsepower. The car will participate in the Formula D 2020 Drift Competition.

  On the basis of the Japanese Toyota Supra coupe of previous versions, amazing drift cars have been created for a long time. Now the turn has reached a new generation of this legend, which is known under the A90 index. The Papadakis Racing team was a huge success in past Formula D seasons, using different versions of Toyota Corolla as race cars, but this year the team decided to use the Supra of the A90 generation. Thanks to the creativity of the Papadakis Racing team, we managed to turn fuel-efficient front-wheel-drive cars into stunning drift cars, and we look forward to squeezing them out of a real sports car.

Papadakis Racing has a rich history of turning ordinary Toyota models into championship-winning drift cars.

To capture the creation of its 1033-horsepower Toyota Supra Drift Car, the Papadakis racing team, led by Stef Papadakis, created a series of videos that were then posted on YouTube. There you can find exciting videos documenting the dismantling of a full-time engine, the process of installing a new one, and indeed, all the work on creating this drift car.

 Pilot 1033-strong monster will be Fredrik Aasbo, who has already proved his skills in the early stages of such races. At the moment, we remain unknown the start date of the Formula D 2020 season.