How do you like discs made of epoxy resin?

How do you like discs made of epoxy resin?

November 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A foreign enthusiast made an epoxy rim in his garage. It certainly looks impressive, but can it be used along with steel wheels.

  Car wheels must withstand the daily influence of centrifugal force, getting into road pits, potholes, a possible collision with curbs – in general they must be very strong. Usually, when creating hard drives, steel and its special alloys are used, and even in this case, the drives may crack, bend, or even break. Therefore, there is almost no hope for disks made of epoxy. Nevertheless, foreign enthusiasts, who are apparently close in spirit to the guys from the domestic team Garage54 (many will understand what I mean) decided nevertheless on this very dubious project.

A published video begins by creating a shape for the rim. It does not have traditional knitting needles, and in the center there is an ordinary steel hub.

There is no doubt that the creation of such a wheel took a very long time.

Well, the time has come for testing – the drive from the epoxy is ready and the tire is shod on it. The testers attached the test machine to a sturdy chain so that the machine effectively bushes in place and doesn’t go anywhere. And I must say that the non-metal disk coped with its task just fine. And imagine how it will look great at night with its backlight.

Although the wheel passed this rather cruel test, it is completely unclear whether the epoxy disc can really be used for a ride every day. It can be shown at various automobile exhibitions, but what if, if such a disk hits even a small hole, its design will not withstand and crack. You understand that the further development of events can take a very dangerous turn.