Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive-Thru or life size cars

Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive-Thru or life size cars

November 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The creators of Hot Wheels toy cars decided to organize a unique event that is aimed at young and old car enthusiasts. The exhibition will showcase Hot Wheels cars, which are made in full size.

The holiday season is fast approaching and will be difficult for everyone around the world this year. With coronavirus cases setting daily records, finding safe, family-friendly activities will be a challenge. The guys at Hot Wheels thought about it and came up with something unique and amazing for young and old car enthusiasts alike. The event will take place in California (USA).

It’s called Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive-Thru.

During December, everyone will be able to admire the Hot Wheels die-cast cars – this time, the cars will be full size. Cars will fill the 1.6 km track, which is located in the Toyota Arena parking lot in the suburbs of Los Angeles. A number of monster trucks will join the crazy cars. One of the features of this event will be the fact that people can appreciate all these giant cars from the comfort of their own.

“Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive-Thru was perfect for us,” said Ken Hudgens, event organizer. “We’re always trying to figure out how best to attract Hot Wheels fans – and since we can’t tour Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live right now, we wanted to create something new. This Drive-Thru will be a safe way to do something new, unexpected, creative and fun. “

Since this is Hot Wheels, the vehicles on display will not be entirely normal. There will be infamous creations such as the Rip Rod, Bone Shaker, Deora II, and Twin Mill, but the event will also feature a Megasaurus four-story robot dinosaur and light tunnels that can be driven through.

Ticket prices start at $ 45. Price includes a set of 3 Hot Wheels vehicles and a digital photo. Hot Wheels Ultimate Drive-Thru opens December 3 and runs daily until January 2.

Not so long ago, we wrote that Izusu Amigo was turned into a copy of a Hot Wheels toy car. The Hot Wheels toys, which were once sold at McDonalds along with Happy Meal, not only became the most popular series in the entire history of the chain, but also inspired fans around the world to daring experiments. Motorists, sparing no effort and money, tuned their cars for toy.