Hot hatches Toyota and Honda fought in drag in the rain

Hot hatches Toyota and Honda fought in drag in the rain

November 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Japanese hatchbacks with manual transmission staged a duel on a wet track

The carwow YouTube channel has brought together Toyota GR Yaris and Honda Civic Type R hot-hatches in drag. The three- and five-door models, in addition to the body type, are united by a comparable price and a manual transmission. By tradition, bloggers compared acceleration and braking dynamics, but the competition took place in the rain, and this influenced the results.

Toyota GR Yaris is a homologation model for rally racing in the WRC class. The GR Yaris has an all-wheel drive transmission, and up to 70 percent of the traction can be transmitted to the rear axle through the clutch. Under the hood is a “turbo-engine” 1.6 with a capacity of 261 horsepower and a torque of 360 Nm. Transmission – “smart” 6-speed manual with the function of coordination of revolutions when switching.

The Honda Civic Type R is the front-wheel drive hot hatch record holder. The Honda is 100 kilograms heavier than the competitor, but costs almost £ 700 less. The Civic Type R has a powerful 320-horsepower (400 Nm) 2.0-liter “turbo four”. Traction is transmitted through a conventional 6-speed manual transmission.

Japanese hot-hatches, unlike in size, did it in 0.1 seconds in drag for a quarter of a mile in the rain. In terms of elasticity, the more powerful and high-torque Honda outstripped Toyota, so the brake performance test determined the final winner.