Horner: In the race will have to act more aggressively

Horner: In the race will have to act more aggressively

April 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasli finished their qualifications in Shanghai with the 5th and 6th time, respectively, but theoretically they could have shown better results, but during the decisive attempt in the final session they were in an unsuccessful situation on the track.

Christian Horner, the head of Red Bull Racing: “Somewhat ridiculous situation. At the beginning of the circle, Max was in a good position, but Sebastian Vettel overtook him on the outside radius, and he had to drop the gas in order not to drive in the turbulence zone behind Ferrari. Then it was overtaken by one of the Renault cars, and Max had to slow down again.

Unfortunately, the time was running out, and he did not have time to cross the line and start a circle. It is a pity, because he had a good chance to improve the position – I think today we could get into the second starting row, because we managed to show good results in the two previous sessions, and in the first attempt in the final too. But this only means that in tomorrow’s race we will have to act more aggressively.

Pierre Gusley today confidently performed in qualifying, one attempt was enough for him to reach the final in the second session, but, unfortunately, he also ended up in that train from the cars, moreover, at the very end of the line, when all the riders dropped speed, so he also lost the last a chance to improve the result. But I hope that today’s performance will add to his confidence. ”