Horner: Ferrari uses some interesting fuel

Horner: Ferrari uses some interesting fuel

September 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

According to Christian Horner, the victories of Ferrari clearly indicate that the Italian team is stronger than everyone at this stage of the season, but the head of Red Bull Racing again hinted that the speed of the red cars is suspicious.

“Ferrari is trying to push the boundaries of what is possible, and you have to think that the speed of their car is to some extent explained by electric energy, and as for the operation of the internal combustion engine, I think that they also use some very interesting fuel,” said Horner . – This is probably a combination of factors. In such cases, usually there is no one universal solution.

All this is very impressive, and at the moment, Ferrari minders are the best in Formula 1. Mercedes were in the lead for four and a half years and suddenly found ourselves in our position: they can only watch how the rivals’ speeds are growing.

“Before Ferrari you need to take off your hat, they have found a way to get such power, and now the rest is faced with the task of how to reduce this gap.”

However, even if the balance of power in the championship has really changed in favor of Ferrari, the Maranello team has practically no chance to catch up with Mercedes, but the ending of the season promises to be exciting.