Hopium unveils Machina luxury hydrogen sedan

Hopium unveils Machina luxury hydrogen sedan

October 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

French racing driver Olivier Lombard showcased the Hopium Machina, whose goal is to become the world’s first luxury car with a hydrogen engine.

Billed as a “real technological breakthrough,” the Machina is a stylish sedan with distinctive headlights, a distinctive nose and a sporty mesh air intake that continues with sleek body lines, aerodynamic wheels and hidden door handles.

The Hopium Machina also features an attractive windshield tilt line, raised fenders, a panoramic glass roof and side mirrors with integrated video cameras. The rear of the car has a recessed luggage compartment, stylish taillights, and air vents that seem to prevent air from accumulating in the rear wheel arches.


Little is known about the new car to date, but Hopium convinces it will have 493bhp. recoil and a power reserve of 1000 km. Since it runs on hydrogen, the refueling process should take just three minutes. The company also noted that the Machina will be a carbon neutral vehicle that combines power, connectivity, safety and ergonomics with exclusive luxury and sporty interior design.

The company’s first prototype will be unveiled within a year, and assembly should begin by 2026. It’s still a long time before that, but Hopium already knows for sure that Machina will be based in France and offered in various car markets, including China, Europe, Japan, South Korea and the United States.