Hoonigan Unveils 700-strong MegaCart

Hoonigan Unveils 700-strong MegaCart

January 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A video review of the 700-strong MegaCart has appeared on the Hoonigan YouTube channel. The machine weighs only 950 kilograms and has a 50/50 weight distribution.

  Most of us will learn about the American Hoonigan team and their racing endeavors thanks to a video with online superstar and just plain cool guy Ken Block. Not many people know about the guys’s second YouTube channel, called the Daily Transmission, where the “Hunigans” introduce us to the craziest car projects. Specifically, this video is not an exception – we are shown a project called MegaCart, custom-made using a power plant manufactured by the German brand Mercedes-AMG.

The creator of this masterpiece is someone Mr. Khan, who is a professional racer. He owned for a long time a high-performance Mercedes-AMG E55 model of 2004, but had long wanted to raise the car to a new level. For his new project, he took the E55 engine.

Mr. Khan wanted to get more power from the already powerful AMG V8 engine. In its standard form, a supercharged engine produces approximately 500 horsepower. And as you know, this was not enough for Khan, who removed the supercharger and installed two hefty turbochargers in its place. As a result, the upgraded power plant boasts 700 horsepower. The old brake system also “moved” to the new car.

 Instead of using the existing subframe, Khan decided to use a subframe of his own design. He even calculated the weight of the engine and gearbox before starting the design process to ensure proper 50/50 distribution. Thus, the engine is located behind the front wheels, and the front uses an internal suspension, like the Formula 1 cars. The resulting car weighs about 950 kilograms.

 Khan also released an aero kit for his car, which, although it does not meet the specifications of Formula 1, but it looks impressive. His creation includes a spoiler, side air intakes, side skirts. He has so carefully thought over the ventilation of all car systems that there is practically no one fan.