Hongqi unveils the most expensive supercar in Chinese history in Shanghai

Hongqi unveils the most expensive supercar in Chinese history in Shanghai

April 20, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The cost of the Hongqi car almost reached $ 1.5 million, and the prototype of the car was unveiled in 2019.

Chinese premium car maker Hongqi unveiled its new supercar, the S9, at the Shanghai Auto Show. The cost of the car was $ 1.45 million (more than 100 million rubles) – thus, this car has become the most expensive in the history of the Chinese car industry.

Compared to the prototype, there have been some changes – the front bumper has acquired a more traditional shape, and the rear spoiler has become straight instead of a semicircle. The rims have also changed, which have acquired a more classic look, but still boggle the imagination. In general, the supercar looks like the car of the future, especially with the doors open upstairs. Note that in the cabin, the steering wheel has acquired a more traditional shape instead of the steering wheel – this is due to safety standards. The creators of the supercar note that they found the perfect balance between aerodynamics, stylish looks and comfort.

At the same time, they have not yet talked about the technical part, but few doubt that there have been some changes. In this case, the power plant is based on a gasoline V8 and is complemented by three electric motors.

The total output is 1400 hp, and it takes just 1.9 seconds to accelerate to 100 km / h.

The maximum speed of the Hongqi S9 reaches 400 km / h. The supercar will be released in a very limited edition – according to preliminary data, from 70 to 99 copies. However, there is little doubt that they will all be sold out quickly.

Meanwhile, it became known that the Polestar 1 hybrid sedan received a special version. It is expected that a total of 25 copies of such a car will be produced. The car is intended for the Chinese market.