HondaJet Aviation Unit Helps Motorists

HondaJet Aviation Unit Helps Motorists

January 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Last year, Honda motorists along with Red Bull Racing won three victories, although after returning to the championship in 2015, Japanese power plants did not differ in power and reliability.

As it turned out from a documentary released on the Japanese NHK channel, engineers at HondaJet, a specialist in the development of jet engines, helped solve the problems with the reliability of the Formula 1 power plant.

The main problems of the Honda power plant were related to the MGU-H motor generator shaft. The technical regulation allows a very high speed of rotation – 125 thousand revolutions per minute, but this speed caused vibrations that led to failure.

Honda engineers who worked with the power plant could not solve the problem on their own, so they turned to HondaJet. Specialists of the unit made adjustments to the design of the power plant, which included changes in the size and shape of the shaft and bearings to increase reliability at high speeds.

The potential of the modified engine was revealed quite quickly after the introduction of new products. Already in the second race in 2018 in Bahrain, Pierre Gasley finished fourth in the Toro Rosso, which was the best result for Honda since returning to Formula 1.

The success of Toro Rosso prompted Red Bull Racing to switch to Japanese engines in 2019. The team won three victories and expanded cooperation with Honda.