Honda will stop car assembly in Turkey

Honda will stop car assembly in Turkey

April 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Together with the end of production of the current generation Civic model, the release of the car there will be completed there as well. Given the closure of the Honda plant in the UK, after 2021, Honda cars will no longer be made in Europe.

Honda Motor officially announced its decision regarding the Turkish plant, but it was only a matter of time: there was almost no doubt about such an outcome after Honda confirmed its intention to close its plant in the UK in February after the end of production of the current Civic. At the British factory collect hatchbacks (including in the Type R version), in Turkish – sedans.

It is important that, unlike the British factory, the Turkish will not stop working completely and will continue to belong to the Japanese company: they simply will not collect cars there anymore. The company specifies that it will continue to conduct business in Turkey and will retain, incl. motorcycle production.

In both cases, the automaker explains its decision by “rapid changes in the automotive industry related to the electrification of the world fleet”. Honda claims that this was the main reason, and it needs to “adjust its production capacity, concentrating on regions with large volumes of output”.

The company does not provide information on future staff layoffs, but acknowledges that it “consults with employees in order to find a solution in the current conditions”.

In Turkey, an average of 38,000 Honda cars are produced annually. It is not specified how these volumes will be redistributed after stopping the Turkish conveyor. It is expected that the main production sites for Honda will be Japan, the United States and, possibly, China.