Honda will show Fit and Freed in versions of Modulo X

Honda will show Fit and Freed in versions of Modulo X

December 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The automaker has published information on the exposure of a subsidiary of Honda Access at the Tokyo Auto Salon tuning exhibition. In addition to concepts and show cars, pre-production versions of corporate tuning of mass models will also be shown.

The most interesting among them are, perhaps, Fit and Freed in versions for the Modulo X line. Each of the models has been modified according to the standard scenario for such cases, but the final result may somewhat affect the shaken demand for Fit and Freed, despite the change of generations of these models.

It is worth noting that Freed is more like a representative of the lines of corporate tuning: bumpers with spoilers, expressive door sills, a large spoiler on the tailgate. Fit has a different approach: there are no traditional door sills, and the Modulo X line is emphasized by contrasting moldings. The front and rear bumpers have retained their dimensions: they all contain new decorative elements that are quite modest. From a distance, it’s impossible to distinguish Fit Modulo X from the usual Fit by changes in silhouette.

The lack of bright details in the appearance of the Fit Modulo X was partly offset by the accent black coloring of some elements: side mirrors, roof and grille. A significant role in the appearance of both models is played by specially selected alloy wheels.

A photo of the salon has not been published, but the improvements there are probably minimal and come down to the presence of rugs with a logo and other decorative inserts.

It is possible that certain changes have occurred in the suspension and components for refinement will be available on a regular basis in the Modulo X accessories line.

In addition to Fit and Freed, the modified Vezel, as well as the Mugen Fit Prototype, will also be shown.