Honda will reduce the production of Accord and Civic

Honda will reduce the production of Accord and Civic

April 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The company announced its intention to stop the second assembly line at its plant in Marysville, pc. Ohio. The stop is called “temporary”, but before the restart, according to the automaker, it will be “several years”, but after that the Accord will not be released on it anymore.

The stop will occur in August, the company explains its decision by the desire to “take a break” in relation to large volumes of sedans, and “reorient the conveyor to electrified models”. The second conveyor of this plant annually produced 55,000 Accord, but the decline will affect not only this model. A number of CR-Vs are also collected there, the stop will also affect this sought-after crossover. In order not to lose in the production volumes of this model, Honda will increase the production volumes of CR-V at its plant in the city of Greensburg, pcs. Indiana, but it will happen to the detriment of the Civic sedan, which is collected there. How much it will reduce the production of Civic – not yet specified.

Honda Motor emphasizes that this decision should not see the company’s intention to abandon sedans: it is a reaction to current market conditions, combined with the desire to work for the future. Accord sales in the US market last year fell by 10%, Civic by 14%. Despite this, Honda says it will not follow the path of the American Big Three and is not going to refuse sedans, especially when it comes to models such as the Accord.

The company does not plan mass layoffs, hoping to take the released personnel in other jobs, but does not exclude the possibility of some reductions.

Honda did not specify what kind of electrified models it is planning to prepare for the production of the second conveyor in Marisville.