Honda will leave its new electric car without side mirrors

Honda will leave its new electric car without side mirrors

May 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On the features of the “green” news called Honda e told the European office of the automaker.

The new Honda e electric car, which has become available for pre-order only in four European countries so far, will already receive side-view cameras instead of traditional exterior mirrors in its basic version. This was announced by the European office of Honda, emphasizing that such a solution in the niche of compact cars is found for the first time. The Honda e owners will be guided in the traffic flow by the specially developed system “Side Camera Mirror System”.

Its structure, in addition to the cameras themselves, includes two six-inch display, located at the edges of the dashboard. According to the developers, these modules are as compact as possible and do not extend beyond the wheel arches.

With their help, Japanese engineers managed to reduce the resistance to air flow (by 90% at once), and also improve the aerodynamics of the electric vehicle by 3.8%. Another advantage of the cameras over ordinary exterior mirrors is that they reduce wind noise while driving. Camera lenses were coated with a special hydrophobic composition, which minimizes the possibility of contamination. Accumulations of water and the appearance of droplets do not allow their hulls.

The cameras operate in two modes: normal and wide. In the first case, we are talking about improving visibility by ten percent (when compared with classic rear-view mirrors), in the second – by 50%. The brightness of the screens is automatically adjusted according to the lighting. When reversing, the display shows dynamic marking lines.