Honda will keep on the Civic Si model only manual transmission

Honda will keep on the Civic Si model only manual transmission

June 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

This decision was made, despite the growing popularity of automatic transmission in the world. Honda is sure that it is a manual gearbox that will allow you to fully enjoy the control.

Honda will continue to install exclusively a manual gearbox on its Civic Si. Recall that this model, although it is quite budget, but has a more powerful power plant compared to the standard version. To date, the Honda Civic Si is priced at $ 26,155. This is significantly cheaper than the Type R modification.

However, for some motorists there is a snag – Civic Si uses only “mechanics” as a gearbox. And after the update, the Japanese do not plan to change traditions. According to company management, this modification of the legendary car was created specifically for driving pleasure. And numerous tests have shown that it will be better to achieve this with the manual transmission. Recall that the Honda Civic Si uses a 1.5-liter turbo engine from the classic Civic, but with more power.

This year, the car experienced a slight update – it received headlights on LEDs, new bumpers and original wheels with a diameter of 18 inches.
Honda also offers a fairly rich set of basic equipment – we note adaptive cruise control, a modern multimedia system and a spectacular sunroof.