Honda will introduce new AI quality control technology

Honda will introduce new AI quality control technology

December 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

CES has evolved into a mini car dealership, and this trend will continue as Honda will use this event to present several technologies supported by Xcelerator.

This year, the focus is on “empowering people” and on demonstrating devices that help improve ergonomics in the workplace. As part of this effort, Honda Xcelerator has partnered with four startups such as Monolith AI, Noonee, Skelex and UVeye.

Noonee specializes in exoskeletons and will feature a 2.0 seatless chair. This is an innovative device designed for employees who spend hours on their feet. In fact, this is a portable chair that allows users to easily move from a sitting position, walking and standing, and this, according to Honda, helps to avoid “unhealthy posture and pressure on the joints that can lead to injuries.”

Skelex 360 is a more traditional exoskeleton designed to reduce shoulder fatigue caused by repeated work on the head. The device provides adjustable lifting force from 0.5 to 4 kg, which creates a “feeling of weightlessness in the hands when moving above the head.”

UVeye artificial intelligence technology is based on quality control and is able to verify the diagnosis of defects in chassis components, bodywork and tires throughout the life of a car. The process of scanning, detecting problems and notifying users takes only a few seconds. As a result, the technology can be used on production lines, as well as in car services.

The fourth technology is based on the development of Monolith AI and is a “machine learning algorithm library specifically designed for advanced engineering applications.” This technology promises to predict how projects will work and find ways to improve them, which will speed up development and at the same time reduce costs.

In addition to the aforementioned technologies and devices, Honda Xcelerator will also showcase commercial technologies from Drivemode and SoundHound. The first one will demonstrate its so-called smartphone-like-brain technology, which allows bikers to connect their smartphone to a motorcycle and use their voice recognition function or a switch on the panel to control their device. SoundHound has developed an interactive assistant known as the Honda Personal Assistant, which wakes up after the phrase “OK Honda” and responds to questions and commands.