Honda will complete sales of diesel engines in Europe in 2021

Honda will complete sales of diesel engines in Europe in 2021

September 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

All company cars sold in Europe by 2025 will be electrified.

A new Reuters report says that the Japanese automaker will completely eliminate diesel engines from its European portfolio as early as 2021. Reduced demand for diesel engines is forcing Honda to get rid of this type of power plant and switch to electrification. Stricter environmental standards also add to the challenges.

Moreover, we note that the electrification process has started: the updated CR-V crossover comes with a hybrid power plant as a replacement for the previous generation diesel engine, while the new Honda E city car presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show does not have an internal combustion engine at all. In addition, the next-generation Honda Jazz, due to appear on the Old Continent in 2020, will be offered exclusively as a hybrid, as part of Honda’s larger electrification plan for the entire European model line by the middle of the next decade.[IP]&ua=[UA]&domain=[DOMAIN]&page=[PAGE]&secure=[SECURE]&language=[BROWSER_LANGUAGE]&bidfloor=[BIDFLOOR]&gdpr_consent=[GDPR_CONSENT]

In addition to the gradual exclusion of diesel engines from its range, Honda wants to reduce the number of model variations by 30% by 2025 compared to today’s portfolio, while reducing global production costs by 10%. Earlier this year, the company announced plans to close its Swindon factory in the UK, where the Civic / Civic Type R models will be assembled in 2021, leaving some 3,500 employees out of work. Also this year, the Civic sedan will be discontinued at a factory in Turkey.

    The savings resulting from this restructuring process will be effectively utilized by redirecting funds to research and development.

Honda is not the first brand to announce the transition from diesel engines to electrification, since earlier this year Volvo released the latest generation of diesel engines, which are