Honda will bring to the Geneva Motor Show a small electric pickup Tomo

Honda will bring to the Geneva Motor Show a small electric pickup Tomo

February 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It is known that in addition to the engineers of the company, Italian students who were developing the designer profession worked on the creation of an electric car.

One of these days, another one has been revealed on the web, which Honda is going to present at the March motor show in Geneva. The Japanese automaker is going to surprise the car dealers with a small electric pickup Tomo, which in Japanese means “Friend”. This word could not be better describes the concept of the future electric car.

An electric pickup truck that cannot be distinguished from a compact cross profile can be an ideal tool for young motorists. He will perfectly cope with driving in city conditions, and also country trips. The cargo platform, hidden behind the stylish side panels, can only be seen from the stern.

Interestingly, Honda specialists recruited students from the Turin Institute of Design to work on a new electric vehicle. That they belong to the idea of ​​”friendly” car. By the way, the length of the concept car is almost four meters, the width is 1,893 mm, the height is 1,556 mm, the size of the wheelbase is 2,690 mm. The car didn’t get into the photo salon, however, according to the developers, the electric car kit will be equipped in the spirit of the latest trends: virtual dashboard, a large number of screens and useful “technical” stuffing.