Honda unveils tiny Skyroom concept

Honda unveils tiny Skyroom concept

September 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

There is no doubt that the cars of the future will run on electricity and drive themselves.

Almost all manufacturers invest heavily in these new technologies. This concept from designer Daehyo Jeong shows what a future car from Honda might look like.

The tiny Honda concept, dubbed Skyroom, is versatility and comfort. It will have an electric power plant that allows you to push the front and rear axles to the limbs of the car and, thus, create a spacious interior, despite the compact size of the car.

The interiors of modern cars have a rectangular shape, because in general, cars have a rectangular shape. However, the Honda Skyroom is actually round and has a completely flat roof. This allowed the designer to create a unique salon, which is dominated by a round sofa bed, while it can be transformed and used for a variety of things – for example, lean back, relax or even take a nap.

The size of the car is not yet available, but its area is probably not much larger than that of Smart ForTwo. Thus, the cabin can not be called huge, but it is more spacious than it seems due to the rounded windshield and panoramic glass roof. The roof can also be opened, turning the car into a convertible.

    Will future cars ever look like this? It is difficult to say, although after 30 years they are likely to look completely different than they are now.