Honda stops production of Civic coupe

Honda stops production of Civic coupe

July 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

We are talking about the termination of production and sales in the American car market. At the moment, the coupe is only available in the USA.

Honda has decided to discontinue production of its legendary Civic coupe. Such a car is currently only available in the United States, where its sales are steadily declining. According to Automotive News portal, the share of sales of the Honda Civic coupe accounts for only 6% of the total number of cars sold in this model in the United States. Therefore, the cost of its production is unlikely to pay off.

However, the Civic hatchback model is doing well in the US – after strong sales growth, it was decided to move production from the UK to the US. Also, sales of the compact Fit / Jazz hatchback are ending in the American market – last year dealers of the brand in the USA were able to sell only 35,414 of these cars, while 4 years ago, sales successfully exceeded 50 thousand copies.

However, in other markets, this model will remain – in Japan it is a market bestseller.

After changing the model line in the United States, the HR-V compact crossover will become the most affordable model in America.