Honda Ridgeline recall due to fire risk

Honda Ridgeline recall due to fire risk

February 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The fire can cause a car wash: this is an established fact. At the same time, speech is not at all about the booty space: the more often the owner is washing his pickup outside, but with the use of auto-chemistry, the higher probability of problems.

A similar reason may seem completely unobvious, but the American National Bureau of Road Safety (NHTSA) has identified the origin of the problem. After washing up the pickup, water and shampoo, as well as other auto chemicals, can accumulate in the pickup truck platform, from which it draws under it to the fuel tank. Further aggressive liquids fall into the place of installation of the gas pump, gradually destroying the pump’s pump assembly. As a consequence, there is a leak of fuel, and the fire may end. The company, however, did not report how many such cases had occurred, and whether they were at all. However, complaints about fuel leakage were fixed.

It is noted that the probability of aggressive detergent liquids entering the gas pump is especially high with the frequent use of automatic washers.

Under the recapture are almost new cars 2017-2019. (Ridgeline 2019 model year in the US began selling in March 2018). The total number of cars to be diagnosed and repaired is 106,682.

During the service campaign, it is planned to install additional protective elements on the petrol pump assembly. If any components are already damaged, they will be replaced with new ones, but it is not specified whether they are made of materials resistant to the washing liquid or protection from them will be carried out only with the help of additional external linings.

The review is officially concerned only with the United States, where it starts on March 7th.