Honda Reveals 2 Fun Carbon Fiber Electric Car Concepts

Honda Reveals 2 Fun Carbon Fiber Electric Car Concepts

April 20, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Honda has released special editions of its all-electric e hatchback and the N-One key car. Each of them is inspired by a different kind of motorsport. Updates are provided to support them.

The modified electric vehicles are called “e-Drag”. Its modifications are designed for drag racing. The concept is based on the Advance trim, so it immediately has a little more power than the standard model. The rest of its updates are mainly aimed at reducing weight and increasing traction.

As for the former, it has a carbon fiber body with a lightweight front clamshell that spans the bumper, fenders and hood. It also has a fully stripped interior that includes the removal of the rear seat and Kirkey aluminum bucket seats at the front, as well as fixed acrylic windows instead of regular glass.

The developers fitted the car with completely smooth tires mounted on lightweight 17-inch wheels from the original NSX. In addition, it has a Civic-based suspension that works in conjunction with optimized front and rear weight distribution for optimal weight distribution for better starts.

The car was fitted with a 6-point crossbar and a 4-point harness to comply with Japanese drag racing safety regulations.

Moving on to the N-One “K-Climb”. Its modifications are for hill racing, which means that it should be lightweight and maneuverable. For this, it also has a carbon fiber body. At the same time, it was heavily modified for aerodynamics, so the hood was the only body panel that retains its original shape.

And to aid it in cornering, it is equipped with adjustable dampers and sticky Yokohama Advan Fleva tires, as well as a wider track with compensating arches. And for added safety and rigidity, it also features a 6-point safety bar.

It is noted that these two unique concepts are not intended for production.

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